Joshua Kealer

Alumnus at University of New Haven

Class of 2019

Current: West Haven , CT

Hometown: Simi Valley , CA

Major: Criminal Justice

Concentration: Investigative Services

Secondary Major: National Security Studies

Minor: Arabic

What is your favorite class at the University of New Haven?

My favorite class at the University of New Haven is my Forensic Science Lab class because we are able to perform tasks that we would actually do at a crime scene. So far, this has included fracture matches, blood spatter pattern analysis, and casting footwear impressions. I also enjoyed the fact that I was able to apply my knowledge from the lecture portion of the class to the lab portion.

I chose University of New Haven because...

I chose the University of New Haven because I am able to excel in a field that I am truly passionate about. The University has so many opportunities that students can take advantage of including internship opportunities and studying abroad.

What is your favorite place on campus?

My favorite place on campus is the Henry C. Lee Institute for Forensic Science and Criminal Justice. I truly enjoy all of the classes that I have taken thus far in this building and enjoy the learning that takes place there.

I'm passionate about...

Technical Theater Technology Running Learning New Languages Food Listening to Music Criminal Justice

I'm involved with...

Charger Ambassador Resident Assistant American Criminal Justice Association
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