Sarah Todoroff

Alumnus at University of New Haven

Class of 2019

Current: Branchburg, NJ

Major: Marketing

What is your favorite place on campus?

My favorite place on campus is definitely the Jazzman's Cafe. Not only is it my favorite lunch spot, it's also a great place to hang out with other people. I love grabbing a panini and talking with my friends around the table in between my classes.

I chose University of New Haven because...

I went to a small high school, so I loved being in a mid-size university with the feeling of small classrooms. The Fast Track program was an added bonus and was the driving factor behind my decision to attend because of the 3 + 1 degree program. Each time I visited the University of New Haven everyone looked genuinely happy to be there and I knew this was the school for me.

What is your favorite class at the University of New Haven?

Writing for Business and Industry has definitely been my favorite class so far at the University of New Haven. Not only did I learn how to write like a professional, I also was given the opportunity to design my resume and learn how to tailor my job materials to the job I want. Our final project was to create a company and have a Shark Tank pitch competition. It was such a fun class and I learned so much.

I'm passionate about...

Broadway Volunteer Work Game of Thrones Disney Reading Crafting

I'm involved with...

Club Field Hockey Chi Kappa Rho Sorority
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