Ezgi Erken

Team Member at University of New Haven

Class of 2021

Hometown: Trumbull, CT

Major: Criminal Justice

Concentration: Correctional Rehabilitation and Supervision

What is your favorite place on campus?

I love the library! Even if its just for half an hour I go there to clear my head and figure out what I need to do for they day. Just the atmosphere is so calm its easy to get work done. Not to mention, its usually open 24/7, meaning I never have a good excuse to not study.

What is your favorite class at the University of New Haven?

My favorite class would be Introduction to Corrections. For starters, Corrections is my concentration and I find the topic to be riveting. In addition, our professor is very cool. She's been to multiple prisons and interviewed hundreds of inmates. She makes class fun by telling us real stories from her experiences. Her passion is contagious and inspires me to learn more.

I chose University of New Haven because...

I choose the University of New Haven, because it is a community. Everyone is friendly and kind, you can make a new friend everyday! Personally, I believe that environment is what fosters great success.

I'm involved with...

Honors Program Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society Alpha Phi Omega Service Faternity Victimology Club piro
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